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For fashion businesses interested in teaming traditional Japanese haori with other clothing, we have a limited number of unlined silk short jackets and unlined silk long kimono for sale.

The long kimono are all suitable for shortening, and this is easy to do because of lack of lining.

All items are genuinely vintage and all have been hand sewn in Japan. They are all silk, and all are in excellent condition for wearing.

Available in minimum lots of five (5).

For more information and ordering please contact Jill at

In addition to the above, we generally have no use for the upper linings of any kimono we unpick. This is good quality lining silk, usually white, in varying lengths up to about 1.0 metre and can be used by innovative artists & craftspeople for many projects. We make this available for very reasonable prices so let us know if you think it’s of use to you.