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How Wild can a Kimono be?

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That’s really up to you!

Here we are on Anaiwan country in northern NSW, finally launching our new website … Yoshi & I peeking out quite shyly, wondering where this latest adventure is going! Knowing there are many “out there” who share our love for Japanese kimono silk in its’ varied forms. Who understand its’ amazing versatility and durability. Who appreciate both the deep traditions of kimono and their potential use in western sewing and artwork.

We greet you all and welcome you warmly to our on-line collection and would be delighted to have you visit the Uralla shop. Just a few weeks ago, I was stunned when a kimono silk dress we’d made in our Paddington shop turned up on the back of a visitor to Uralla! And I must say, even after all those years it still looked stunning. I felt an itch to start designing and making again … but no. That won’t be happening, for a multitude of reasons! What we will do, however, is teach others the techniques we developed over all those years, and get the skills out into the community.

We’ll keep you posted!