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Wild Kimono is planning a number of different types of workshops for 2023

All of the workshops will be for a maximum of 5 participants, in our pop-up space in Uralla. All are fully catered and include a full length silk kimono to unpick prior to start day and involve both Yoshi & Jill as instructors.

The original 2 day workshops in which we’d hoped to take participants through the whole process of understanding and overcoming problems in reclaimed kimono silk, then learning design approaches, and finishing a whole garment for themselves –  has proved far too ambitious for 2 days! Such a workshop would take at least 5 days, and not everyone has this amount of time available. It would also, of course be more expensive.

However, if you ARE interested in the 5 day workshop, and we can get 5 participants, please let us know! It could run for either 5 days straight or be on weekends – by consensus.


THE WORKSHOP WE EXPECT TO INTEREST MOST PEOPLE, is a 2 day (weekend) Introduction to dealing with reclaimed vintage kimono silk. In it, approaches to both silk sewing and the problems of design using narrow and often short lengths of fabric will be discussed and experimented with creatively. Each person will be pre-supplied with a lined vintage kimono & needs to have it completely de-constructed by start day. She/he will need to be a fully competent sewer, be able to use & thread a sewing machine, and open to new approaches! We do NOT use overlockers. All supplies (irons, tape measures, sewing machines etc.) will be in place but if preferred, a personal sewing machine can be brought along.

We leave open the possibility of scheduling a subsequent workshop if people would like to build on skills learned or ideas developed. 

The full cost of this 2 day workshop (ie including one silk kimono and catering) is $345.00 pp.

Register for the workshop here